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Hello Everyone!

2014-05-19 03:12:09 by Rollu

I just made a account I hope I will meet many friends and share alot of joyment :D

Newgrounds is the best <3




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2014-06-04 03:14:37

hello madam, my name is killer32 and I am one of the many weridos you will meet on this site.
anyway, hope you will have good time here.

Rollu responds:

Thx!!! ^_^
I bet! but aslong they are kind then I accept them :3


2014-07-14 00:15:49

lolololol I am full of enjoyment too! hehehe! ;)

Rollu responds:

glad that we both are !!! ^_^


2014-07-14 01:43:27

Welcome to Newgrounds! ^^

Rollu responds:

Awww thx sweety <3<3<3
Your the best! and hugs for you :3


2014-07-16 14:08:34

welcome to NG! :)
I am one of the pretty inactive members, nice to meet you!

Rollu responds:

Thx ♡♡♡
Ntmu too :3


2014-07-20 03:19:10

welcome to newgrounds , always happy to meet new people and make friends

Rollu responds:

Thx! Me too :3


2014-09-05 12:05:13

O.O So uh... you are not a pervert? Sorry about that... It's just your pic.

Rollu responds:

Who knows?
Chat in pvt if u got questons :)


2017-05-22 14:23:25

Greetings,...Miss,...Rollu. I truly wish you the
best of luck. Hugs And Kises,...Rollu-chan.