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Help me <3

2014-06-05 08:47:29 by Rollu

please Add me and my referal code

I would be so thankful ~~

Make a new account if you have one and then reach lvl 10




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2014-06-10 07:56:10

Any luck with that?

Rollu responds:

Yeap there are kind hearted people in this world ^_^


2014-06-11 16:28:07

dota2> lol

Rollu responds:

Nah noobs play Dota...
People bet on there mom all the time so its to serius.... xD


2014-06-12 18:57:00

hi,i am 0001b and i would like to add you.....

Rollu responds:

Well then do it :3


2014-06-13 04:49:43

thank you for all the lovely comments on my art :)

Rollu responds:

I just love your arts <3<3<3<3
You are the best!!! the epic :3


2014-06-15 04:11:55

No way. Fuck that. I'm already level 30. There is no way I'm making a new account. I don't fucking care how goddamn thankful you are. ...Little pissant. Who the fuck are you anyway?!

Rollu responds:

well why answere and look if its bother you?!!
Just ignore it and use ur negative mode to something else then just write dumb things :P


2014-06-17 20:57:49

No need to get all mad its a choice it is not as if she is holding a gun or something too your head forcing you on it Nav sheesh.. relax no need to be such a dramatic fool...

I would but not really much of a LoLer

Rollu responds:

See people got brains here :D
and kind <3


2014-06-18 06:19:57

lol pervs

Rollu responds:

says you :*


2014-06-22 03:13:25

League of legends, I lost a lot of good players because of that game. Its like smack you try it once and then you can't stop and worst part is that this game is considered a strategy. If you actually think that lol is a strategy than 1.You are retarded 2. laying to yourself. Its an RPG just like wow nothing else nothing more and its turning good players into noobs. One guy I remember back in cs 1.6 was such a good shot he could shoot a fly off your dick from 2 miles away but today, aftar playing lol, he misses the toilet when he takes a piss.


2014-06-26 01:25:01

Hey I Sent You A Request On LoL. And There's A Whole Bunch Of Dickheads Out There. Just Ignore Em. See You On League

Rollu responds:

THX <3<3


2014-06-26 12:42:10

lol? Do you play s4 league? ^^^^

Rollu responds:

yes :3


2014-07-06 22:53:22

I pwan As wukong.. wukong so pro he dosent need me.. Wukong Laughs at you as you die slowly.. Wukong has no friends.... Wuuuuukoonnngggg~~~..... WUUUUU~~~~ Wukong is loney.. But shiittt i dont need no- I MEAN wukong dose not need no friends.. TmT

Rollu responds:

hahah so funny :3


2014-07-06 22:55:38

Also ANYONE that plays LoL add me my name i: A Feared Soul
I know, who would have known?

Rollu responds:

I will be your fear ;)


2014-07-06 22:56:35

Is* fuck My Failuorzsder at splzing

Rollu responds:

what you mean? =)


2014-07-07 12:58:49

well if youre ever up for s4 league in td mode ^^ my UN is Leon296 ^^

Rollu responds:

well can you play with my link? ^_^


2014-07-15 23:24:40

Hmmm idk its been forever since I played league >_< not sure if am still good

Rollu responds:

plz for me :3
try it again ! ^_^


2014-08-10 10:48:49

Well I am plat 4 sadly I am not on NA tho ;( ping too high there and stuff I'm playing on euw.


2014-09-05 12:03:32

Whaaaat? You play LoL? lol...

Rollu responds:

Yes :3
Play my link and reach lvl 10 :3