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Voice Actress!!

2014-10-13 10:43:57 by Rollu

Hey Everybody!!




I need some talented girl here who can voice act :3

can you record your voice so I may hear ur skills? or if u already have done a clip maay I hear it plz <3


I just wanted to try to make a clip and see if I can be as talented as everybody else :3


Thx for everyting and hugs!! <3




Sorry everybody that I havent been online so much... I have lost someone important so I have been abit down and sad... so I havent been much of a social atm.... I hope you all still want to be my friend <3

hugs hugs




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2014-10-15 13:46:47

*hugs* :D i still do

Rollu responds:

Im glad someone do :3

Do you by any chanse know some voice actress? ^^


2014-10-16 01:50:09

sadly i do not know a voice actress :(

Rollu responds:

Its fine thx my friend :D


2014-10-17 01:25:12

I wouldn't call myself a voice actress, but I've done voice work for a couple of indie game companies. What kind of clip would you want from somebody? (If you want to compare yourself with a voice actresses, couldn't you get a clip from, say, a cartoon or anime or game, and test yourself with that??)

Rollu responds:

You seem very skilled :D
I defently could need your help with that!
You are a good friend <3


2014-10-24 19:25:16

If its your pet, i send my virtual consolations, if person multiply that consolation by infinity.
Ps. I feel like i know that picture's anime, but its fuzzy ti me now '~'


2014-11-22 10:52:00

I can sound like g.I.r. and I can sorta voice act but I am a boy sorry.

Rollu responds:

well let me see ur skills :3