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2015-01-18 03:24:46 by Rollu

I hate cheaters... just ehn I thought I could make my own animation....


then someone decided to quit and betray me....


awww Im so sad now :(((


why why why!!!


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2015-01-20 21:25:41

Hey now keep that head up! you can do it!!

Rollu responds:

Ok... I will try :(


2015-01-21 07:25:19

you just need to keep at it and find someone to help out.

Rollu responds:

Ok... Thx!


2015-01-25 04:35:53

why not make art submissions?

sorry bout the deserter.

Rollu responds:

Art submissions?
Tell me how :3

Yeah... life isnt easy :(


2015-03-09 17:26:56

I am sorry to hear you got screwed over by someone this is the main reason i don't post up any of my old art or anything at all it is difficult too trust anyone now a days...

How have you been? you don't send messages anymore guess you forgot me!

The best you can do is move up and keep a positive thought

Are you saying someone stole some of the work you did or?

Rollu responds:

Forgive me...
I havent been online for a long time...

I haven just been sulking...

luckly that person just deleted everything we did toghter... not stole it... :(

all cuz of a stupid reason...


2015-03-12 19:28:34

No need to be sorry i know you've been dealing with a lot.

Just keep a smile and a positive attitude remember its not easy to trust just anyone now a days.

Poor gal i would hug ya if i could.

Be safe and stay who you are don't let others bring you down please its not really worth the trouble of thinking of.. i can see you are trying your best too move on.. take it slow and easy don't rush things k?

I know what it is like to have things you have worked on so hard taken and such.. just let me know if you want too talk i'll be here i will listen


2015-04-18 01:07:08

That sux but if you know what art style you want, im pretty sure you can achieve it. ^^


2015-04-25 15:02:21


Rollu responds:

what does that mean? XD


2015-06-13 07:12:13

well you know what they say when the going get's tough QUIT belive me youll be better that way


2015-06-16 23:42:52

im so sorry to hear this i know how it feels it sux


2015-08-03 17:47:47

Care to try again with someone new~
a man or woman that wont cheat on you~


(dat feel doh. I feels it. ;-; *pets foxy head*)