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I am a Voice Actress!

2016-05-02 02:04:49 by Rollu

If you intressted please PM me :3


here is a sample from me!


hugs <3


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2016-05-02 10:35:53

Oh wow! D-= your voice is absolutely phenominal!!!
at one point you even sounded like Luffy from One Piece haha
Here is to future collaborative efforts between you and other artist =D

Keep up the amazing work Rollu-Chan

Rollu responds:

Thank you :3

I jsut cant wait to help anyone who needs me :3

I want to be the best and ready to try ^^

Please support me and tell others if they need me :D <3


2016-05-06 02:27:10

Some time in the near future when I get to actually putting out animations id like to hire you then to do voicing ;) haha.
Ifin youd like to work with me one day one any or all pieces/animations i submit.

i know itd be more than a pleasure to work with you Rollu Chan :D


2016-05-22 09:21:14

you have potential. i wish i had taken the time to be a better animator id have been happy to use you. oh and DO NOT let people add chan to the back side of your NG name you don't need to be placed in a category with any other voice actresses that came before you. unlike the (albeit super cute voice) one trick pony Rina-chan she really had one voice she used. you seem to have some range. keep it up. don't whore yourslef out in comments (which is how i got here) work though the NG Forums and PMing artists.

Trust me your talented enough.
~a Fan.


2016-07-06 22:14:19

What sort of mic do you use? I'm pretty much at the end of my consumer rope, and will likely buy a Blue Yeti, one of the very few USB stereo mics around. I used to use stereo mics for video production and sorta got used to having 2 channels to work with.

Rollu responds:

PM me :3


2016-11-26 11:15:07

dota> lol


2017-01-04 16:22:36

will keep an eye out for you in future projects


2017-02-16 02:52:28

holy shit this is amazing! im working on a video game and i'd love to work with you once i get into testing

Rollu responds:

I would love that!


2017-02-16 05:07:49

hey not really someone who's trying to get you to do work but just had to say you have an amazing range of voices, though you might need to work on the kind of shounen style one a bit (the one where you were screaming) seemed a bit subdued like you were holding back.

otherwise you have a talent for this definitely hope you get a lot of work not only to get your name out there but to get some more practice because no matter what you can always do better but don't let that detract from how amazing your performances were

Rollu responds:

ty your so sweet!


2017-04-10 01:01:39

Dang this is good stuff. lel